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EuroProperty Events

Lead The Debate

EuroProperty events was born from our core value of delivering the highest quality content for our readers, customers and our market.

We bring together key people from the industry and we deliver a platform for them to educate, inform and debate the key issues of the day.

We work closely with our sponsors to ensure that the panel, event topic and the audience are of the highest quality ensuring that your company profile and messaging are front of mind to the people that matter to you.

Keynote Delivery

We are focused on providing the very best in Keynote delivery to drive the debates and give our audience, readers and sponsors the very best content.

Event overview

The events are tailored to meet your needs as well as delivering key content. Whether you choose a panel debate, seminar or briefing, we work with you to find the topic and content that will engage the audience. We deliver a high level keynote speaker to set the scene and panel to compliment this.


A big part of the event is the pre and post networking. This is a great opportunity for you to engage the audience and deliver your messaging in a face to face environment. We encourage the sponsor to use this platform to maximise your brand presence.


We deliver pre and post marketing to create awareness and to ensure a quality audience.You receive branding on all of our mailers, alerts, advertising and the editorial review in the following months issue of EuroProperty. As a main sponsor you receive “front of mind” branding at the event and a seat on the panel in order to provide content direction.

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Today's insight is tomorrow's investment